Single Deck Cattle Stockcrates

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Uralla Metal stockcrate design ensures livestock are handled, loaded, transported and unloaded in a manner that minimises risks to livestock welfare, and complies with Australian animal welfare standards and guidelines on Land transport of live stock


  • Fully sealed framework using AS 1163 C350 plus grade steel for corrosion free longer life along with AS 3679.1-300 sections and AS 1594 – HA250 plate work.
  • 2.15 metres extra height (especially for transport of horses) x custom lengths up to 48ft and choice of pen configurations and sizes within vehicle dimension limits.
  • Polished Aluminium sideboards on inside for non-bruise of cattle with anti–corrosive huck rivets to prevent limbs of livestock from protruding
  • Aluminium extruded Pen partition profiles and deck carriers for easy handling
  • Pressed aluminium inserts and spring assisted drop down back door for easy lifting in addition to slide opening for quick access.
  • ¾ Slam shut cattle gates

  • Quality and experienced workmanship ensures all Welding as per AS1554.1 Structural Steel and Fabrication Tolerance as per AS 4100 clause 14.4
  • Lift up floor grid with 14mm round bar
  • Bumper protection docking rubber
  • Fully sand blast cleaned to AS 1627 class 2.5
  • Painted with: -1 coat of 2 pac epoxy primer -2 coats of 2 pac Australian standard topcoat in colour of choice
  • Built in steps on side at rear

Optional Extras

  • Unloading legs
  • Interior LED lights
  • Removable loading sides for drop down back door
  • Overhead aluminium planked platform
  • Different gate configurations (3/4 foldaway gates)
  • Sliding panel with slam shut cattle gates fitted for different pen sizes
  • Slide only door / Full opening rear door / Side load doors
  • Tarp bows / Fully sheeted roof
  • Lugs for tying off livestock

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