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Uralla Metal is here to adjust and improve your trucks and heavy vehicles with all the optional inclusions and accessories you’ve ever wanted.

We’ve provided accessories for individual trucks and entire fleets in Uralla, Armidale, Tamworth and across the New England. Purpose-built and customised to the vehicle, our range of options can suit any job or requirement. And because our professional team completes the work in-house, the delivery of your truck is faster, more cost-effective, and finished to your satisfaction.

Our wide product list includes towbars and hitches, safety rails, truck access steps, cabinets, cranes, water tanks, underbody truck toolboxes, off-the-shelf toolboxes, spare wheel carriers, custom-built guards and more. We design, manufacture and fit all truck accessories with functionality, durability, and operator safety in mind. Got other ideas for your truck that aren’t mentioned here? Come have a chat with our team to discuss the possibilities.

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